"DeAnna and Dyan are always wonderful to work with and keep everyone informed throughout the entire process. As an Escrow Officer, we depend on the real estate professionals to keep us up to date with any changes or information that would affect the closing process and they certainly do their part in keeping the lines of communication moving along at all times. They both have such a passion for real estate and really take the time to care for the needs of their clients, which has made them very successful. DeAnna and Dyan are always willing to go the extra mile to make things happen and devotes so much time to cover all of the details."

Jamie Baker, Ticor Title

"Sometimes in this life you're smart and sometimes you're just plain lucky. And on the rare occasion you're both. You might have the pleasure of working with Dyan Lane and DeAnna Sickler. We would retain them again in a heartbeat for any of our future real estate transactions, and we recommend them without reservation to anyone who values experience, integrity, and a strong service ethic - and enjoy a lot of laughs along the way."

Sheryl and Ed Fierro | Ashland, OR

"Three words come to mind when I think of the service provided by DeAnna Sickler and Dyan Lane. Selling my mother’s house in the spring of 2009 was not an easy task. The house itself had represented a source of safety and stability to my family, so not only was it hard to sell because of what it represented emotionally, years of living had also taken a toll on the condition. Throughout the selling process my mother was an emotional wreck and DeAnna and Dyan took the extra time both day and night to simply call and just check on her. They were extremely informative and were ready with solutions to address any of the obstacles we faced. Given the emotional attachment we had to the home, we were not the easiest Sellers to deal with. DeAnna and Dyan are not only professionals but truly caring people and because of this our family was able to make it through this process with a feeling of peace and sense of closure. It is never easy selling something that had always meant so much to our family. Thank you DeAnna and Dyan for the caring words, the extra phone calls and the re-assurance that meant more to us than you could ever imagine. We could not have done this with anyone else by our side."

Josh Schilder, Medford, OR

"Working with Dyan and DeAnna has been so effortless for us. They customize the home buying process to the individual clients needs. They have gone out of their way to meet with us to view homes on evenings and weekends, continually email us potential new properties, and make sure we are always informed on the status of our short-sale offers. Some agents are afraid of the short sale process but we have found that Dyan and DeAnna meet the challenage head on. The short-sale process can be very overwhelming and difficult, but working with these ladies takes the stress out of purchasing a new home and makes it enjoyable."

Tim and Jeanne Pickens

"A few years ago, my wife and I were in the fortunate position of wanting to purchase investment property in Ashland. We had much previous experience with realtors in several areas, both in and out of state, and realized that to find the best realtor in Ashland, we needed to interview multiple candidates. We scheduled time with 6 different realtors. The first 4 were very nice people who showed us many of the same properties. Then we met DeAnna. She was kind, gracious, and very professional. She took us to see properties that met our criteria; interestingly, there was no overlap with what we’d been shown by the previous 4 realtors, and each property was a closer match to our criteria than that offered by any other realtor. After my wife and I said goodbye to DeAnna, we sat in our car, in DeAnna’s parking lot, reviewing our experience with her. We asked each other, “do we need to look any further?” The immediate answer was “no.” We decided on the spot to work with DeAnna. We couldn’t have made a better choice. Since we were living out-of-state, we needed somebody who would be active on our behalf, but not bog us down with low probability options. DeAnna honed in on several homes, communicated promptly and clearly with us the pros/cons of each home, and correctly alerted us to priority possibilities. When she called us one day to say, “I’ve got a house for you, but you’ll need to move very fast”, we took her at her word and immediately drove 5 hours to see the house, which we ended up purchasing. We have purchased 5 properties from DeAnna, and have been impressed with her correct appraisal of the situation (in this case, homes that would be easy to rent with the likelihood of significant appreciation), her professionalism (i.e., respecting our time, clearly adding value to the transaction), her dedication and great ability to work extremely hard but remain calm and reasonable throughout the process. We have been delighted by our association with DeAnna, and should we ever be in a position to purchase another property, we would turn to her first. We recommend DeAnna willingly, enthusiastically and wholeheartedly."

Matt Larson, Orinda, CA

"DeAnna has superlative strengths in the following key areas: she really knows the market, including current and historical trends; she is as sharp mentally as any broker we have ever met, on either side of a deal; she is a savvy negotiator, able to read the undercurrents of a situation and optimize the outcome for her clients; she acts with utmost integrity and always operates in the best interest of her clients; she is responsive, and proactively goes above and beyond what we might think to ask for. As stellar as she is at leading any given deal through its life cycle, we have found that she is even more interested in cultivating lasting positive relationships with her clients, and we value that highly."

Wendy Larson, Orinda, CA

"I'd hire DeAnna Sickler again in a minute. Having spent my career in customer service I know good service when I see it. One of the most important functions of a real estate broker is responsiveness and good communication. DeAnna excels in this area. On more than one occasion I sent her an email at 6:30am and got a response at 6:32am! DeAnna is always on top of it. She is a skillful negotiator and very persistent. If she senses a client's interest in a property she will pursue the opportunity. Our home was listed for many months. DeAnna hung in there with us, continued to advertise and market our property and never seemed discouraged that it wasn't moving. When we finally received an offer it was from her own client and she handled the Dual Agency situation efficiently and professionally. Much of the time during our listing and closing period we were out of town. This didn't make any difference as we had constant and clear communication and the transaction proceeded without a hitch. You won't feel bad about paying DeAnna a commission. She'll earn the money."

-Randy Smith, Lummi Island, WA

"DeAnna is always wonderful to work with and keeps everyone informed throughout the entire process. As an Escrow Officer, we depend on the real estate professionals to keep us up to date with any changes or information that would affect the closing process and DeAnna certainly does her part in keeping the lines of communication moving along at all times. She has such a passion for real estate and she really takes the time to care for the needs of her clients, which has made her very successful. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make things happen and devotes so much time to cover all of the details"

Jamie Baker, Ticor Title

"Working with DeAnna Sickler to find our house in Ashland was a wonderful experience. She exceeded our expectations of professionalism, knowledge of the market and energy to look at 40 properties in three days. We had a tight time frame in which to find a house and DeAnna’s efficiency in scheduling and mapping routes was indispensable. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Ashland real estate market and we attribute finding our perfect home to her understanding of the market. We also felt confident in DeAnna’s ability to negotiate the settlement with the sellers and were happy with the final purchase agreement. Aside from DeAnna’s obvious skill at her job, she is fun and easy-going, making the many hours we spent with her very enjoyable. We highly recommend DeAnna as a realtor and would be happy to answer any questions prospective clients might have."

- Dr. Jonathan and Denison Lee, Ashland, OR

"We were house-hunting for two years in 25 areas in 7 states. We had considered Ashland several times, but could not find a home fitting our constraints. During some of our visits, DeAnna showed us home. None of which were outside these constraints, which we appreciated. In 2005, when we saw a house close to our dream home, DeAnna worked hard and effectively through all stages of the home purchase process to create a fair interaction between us and the Seller that fit reasonably well within our constraints. We recognize that DeAnna helped up beyond the purchase per se, facilitating all kinds of details of modifications to the home with the Sellers and their contractors, etc. In 2006, we discovered some problems with the builder/Seller. DeAnna represented us just as diligently as when she helped us with the original purchase. It seems magical to us that our home purchase worked out, and we recognize and appreciate all the work DeAnna put into this process. We are working again with DeAnna, considering selling and acquiring our next house. Our best referral is ourselves !"

-Lester and Louise Ingber, Ashland, OR